Embossing Machines

Embossing Machines

If it’s a solid, dependable embossing machine your company needs, Practix Manufacturing has it. We carry heat transfer equipment specially designed for your industrial embossing jobs, which likely require a high degree of fusing pressure for creating precise, three-dimensional images on paper, textiles, or other ductile materials. All of our embossing machines have a convenient, unitized design that makes them compact and efficient with less detachable parts that can be broken or lost. Moreover, the heavy-duty, forged steel frames that come standard on all of our heat transfer equipment make our machines some of the most durable in the industry, able to maintain top efficiency in tough environments and during long shifts.

As an industry leading embossing machine manufacturer, Practix heat transfer machines are built to the highest standards and are carefully designed by experts with over two decades of experience to ensure an exemplary combination of quality materials and the latest technology. Whether you own a factory in Shanghai where workers emboss logos on caps or a t-shirt shop in New York in need of a fabric embossing machine, we have the heat transfer solutions for your business. As an added bonus, our machines can be customized with any company logo and color scheme.

Dual Station Embossing Shuttle Press
16″x20″ / 20″ x 25″
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Four Station Embossing Shuttle Press
16” x 20” / 20” x 25”
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Dual Station Industrial Embossing Press
48” x 68” / 60” x 120”
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