Practix OK-450
Dual Station Industrial Embossing Press

The custom built Practix OK-450 is available in two sizes: 48”x68” and a 60”x120”. This is a heavy duty, two workstation, high productivity press utilized for applications such as heat pressing, fusing of piece goods, thermo-printing,and embossing. Build options include top heat only, top and bottom heat as well as platen gap spacing from 1¾” to 5” to accommodate specific heat press production requirements.

No need to manually slide trays back and forth! One working surface is available for loading while the preparations for the next set is underway. Operator simplicity with minimum physical effort and high productivity are results of the engineering of the OK-450. Featuring precision electronic temperature controller, adjustable to prevent any difference between actual platen temperature and the digital display. Equipped with a time system which controls the duty cycles 1/10th of a second in duration, assure consistent quality of work.

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Engineered for both non-textile as well as the textile sublimation market
  • Heavy duty dual flatbed pneumatic operated press
  • Dual push close and start for safety and automatic release at the end of cycle
  • Sliding lower platen to facilitate in loading
  • Top and lower platen standard spacing 1 ¾” with customized spacing available up to 5”

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