Why Choose Us

Practix Mfg is a machine manufacturer with 30 years of experience producing heat transfer, dye sublimation, laminating and fusing machines.  The company utilizes the knowledge and experience obtained through years of involvement and puts it into research & development, innovation and design.  Our commitment to continual development, improvement and consistently high quality gives our customers a competitive edge ensuring continued success.  

Partners with our customers:

We built our business on our products and relationships.  We believed credibility, honesty and great product are the only way to do business.  Our focus is to provide a value added product for our customers so they in turn can run seamlessly and grow their business.

Industry Expertise:

By working with so many successful customers, our company has acquired knowledge and expertise in many areas.  We put that knowledge into our design of equipment and are able to provide valuable business knowledge as an overall service.

Technical Experience:

Over the years, Practix has assembled an incredible staff of experienced, knowledgeable engineers and technicians.  These individuals gives Practix a technical and competitive edge.

Made in the USA

We integrate all aspects of the manufacturing process from fabrication, machining, welding, painting, assembly, quality control and testing. No outsourcing! Everything is completed in house in our USA plant to allow for supreme control every step of the way.