Practix OK-160SB
Industrial Heat Press

The Practix OK-160SB 60”x108” (5’x9’) Industrial Heat Press utilizes a heavy frame, automation, and high-pressure capabilities to create the most reliable heat press machines on the market! Premium quality printing is achieved due to the electronic temperature and time control system.

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Heavy duty flatbed press for dye sublimation
  • Dual push close and start for safety and automatic release at the end of cycle
  • Sliding lower platen to facilitate in loading

A high watt density heater on the platen allows the heater to heat up faster and maintain consistent temperature during production. Suited for dye sublimation transfer printing and high-pressure fusing.

  • Single front-loading table on slides allow for ease of loading away from the heat source
  • Minimum physical effort for operation
  • High pressure, self-leveling pneumatic lift of bottom plate to meet the top heater plate
  • Digital temperature controller with PID and auto-tune
  • Consistent heat throughout entire heater platen (6 independent zones)
  • Premium mica thermic heaters with high watt density providing minimal thermal lag
  • 40 ton (80,000 lbs of force) / 20 ton (40,000 lbs of force)
  • Adjustable pressure regulator with gauge

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