Practix OK-200
High Speed Continuous Belt Press

The right commercial laminating machine could make all the difference when it comes to producing a high-quality product, accurately and quickly. The OK-255 High Speed Curve Plate Laminating Machine was manufactured to handle the rigors of commercial use, while maintaining consistent production. This laminate machine was specially designed for large rolls and built tough to withstand high production rates.

Practix Manufacturing’s laminating machine models and all of our heat transfer equipment, whether a dye sublimation, embossing, or fusing machine, are forged with a steel frame and unitized for a more stable, compact piece of heavy-duty machinery to ensure a higher quality of print.

The OK-255 laminating machine has numerous features and options, including:

  • Independent temperature control for top and bottom platen, and three temperature zones across the width of the belt for a precise temperature profile
  • Cantilever design for the use of endless and seamless belts
  • Heaviest rollers on the market provide uniform pressure across the machine width
  • 6.5″ diameter drive rollers and 8.5″ diameter pressure rollers
  • Optional double pressure roller system for the lamination of even the most stubborn composites
  • Optional external pressure roller system to provide “mark-free” lamination even with seamed belts
  • 28″ input conveyor for easy loading
  • Optional pull rollers to allow setup of multiple layers before entering machine
  • Sealed, long-life bearings used throughout

Specifications of the OK-255 laminating machine include:

BELT WIDTH 54″ 60″ 72″ 84″
BELT MAX. SPEED 100 ft/min 100 ft/min 100 ft/min 100 ft/min
CONNECTED LOAD 120 KW 133 KW 160 KW 188 KW
MOTOR HP 2 2 3 3
WORKING PRESSURE 35 (lb/in) @100PSIG 35 (lb/in) @100PSIG 35 (lb/in) @100PSIG 35 (lb/in) @100PSIG
DIMENSIONS 85″ W 288″ L 64″ H 91″ W 288″ L 64″ H 103″ W 288″ L 64″ H 115″ W 288″ L 64″ H

As an added value, all of Practix’s heat transfer machinery can be customize to meet your height and color requirements. All of our products come backed by our one-year mechanical warranty and six-month electrical warranty. Whether you need a laminating machine for your furniture business in Atlanta or for your sporting goods factory in Shanghai, Practix offers next day and worldwide shipping options to accommodate customers anywhere in the world.

Call or e-mail us today to discuss our affordable fabric sublimation equipment for your business.

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