High Speed Continuous Belt

Continuous Rotary Belt Press (Calender)

Practix Manufacturing specializes in producing the fastest oil heated drum continuous rotary press transfer machines on the market. While they are fast, they are still built to Practix’s strict standards for durability, stability, and efficiency, which include a steel-forged frame and a compact, heavy-duty, unitized design. At Practix, machine quality is never compromised. Our rotary heat transfer equipment line offers a high quality innovative engineered design using a heavy duty frame, automation, and best quality electrical and pneumatic components. The heating system is an electrically heated oil filled drum that ensures consistent heat throughout the width of the drum. Our rotary lines are available in many widths, heater drum diameters and options to streamline any business operation whether high production, large format, dye sub printing, or entry level.

The continuous rotary press transfer machines are perfect for transfer printing on continuous roll applications or fixation. They come with a standard easy input loading area, a triple unwind/rewind system for transfer printing roll to roll, and all rotary belt press units have pneumatic braking systems and clutches for precise tensioning of fabric.


This rotary press unit, like all Practix heat transfer printing machines, comes backed by a one-year mechanical and electrical warranty. And all embossing, laminating, dye sublimation, and fusing machines are fully customizable to suit the machine height and color requirements of your facility. Whether you own a local print shop in Atlanta or a t-shirt megastore in Hong Kong, we offer next-day shipping and worldwide delivery.