Practix OK-12
Digital Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Practix Manufacturing’s OK-12 is one of the most advanced heat transfer machines currently available. With a heavy-duty unitized frame, 12” diameter drum, and varying belt widths that allow for printing on fabrics of all sizes, the OK-12 is a heat transfer press that is unlike anything else in its class. This model can be used for transferring on continuous or roll materials or an optional table is a feature for cut part or piece goods. Practix rotary product lines include high quality innovative engineered design using a heavy duty frame, automation, and best quality electrical and pneumatic components like all Practix heat transfer equipment, including sublimation machines, lamination machinery and embossing equipment.

The Practix OK-12 commercial heat press features the following:

  • 66”, 88”, 104″, and 128″ belt widths allow for printing on full-width fabrics
  • 12” (300mm) diameter drum makes it the fastest small drum rotary transfer printing machine on the market
  • A heavy-duty unitized frame with solid steel construction
  • Oil-filled drum enables colors to print consistently from side-to-side, as well as job-to-job
  • Standard triple unwind/rewind system for transfer printing from roll-to-roll
  • Pneumatic brakes and clutches for precise tensioning of fabric and papers
  • Ability to print banners, exhibit backdrops, sportswear, and casino felts with ease

Perfect for printing on a wide variety of materials, the OK-12 can produce beautiful, flawless designs for t-shirts, sportswear, display banners, awnings, floor mats, mouse pads, upholstery, and more. As an added bonus, Practix is one of the only heat transfer equipment manufacturers to offer fully customizable options for modified, colors, shapes, sizes, and more.


BELT WIDTH 66″ (1.67m) 88″ (2.25m) 104″ (2.64m) 128″ (3.25m)
POWER REQD 18.6 KW 24.8 KW 31 KW (32 KW 3PH) 37.2 KW (40 KW 3PH)
MAX TEMP 450F 450F 450F 450F
APPROX WEIGHT 3200LB (1451Kg) 3400LB (1542Kg) 3600LB (1632 Kg) 3900LB (1775 Kg)
AIR SUPPLY 100 PSI 0.8 CFM 100 PSI 0.8 CFM 100 PSI 0.8 CFM 100 PSI 0.8 CFM
DIMENSIONS 58″ W 102″ L 63″ H 58″ W 124″ L 63″ H 58″ W 140″ L 63″ H 58″ W 164″ L 63″ H


Contact Practix Manufacturing today at 1-770-974-1480 to learn more about the various types of equipment we offer or to order the OK-12 heat transfer press for your business. Serving businesses across the globe, we will gladly hand-deliver or ship to companies worldwide.

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