Reciprocating Tray

Practix OK-04

OK 04 Three new models of fusing and heat transfer printing machines are the first of a line, introduced by Practix Manufacturing. When you are interesting in saving bottom line capital cost on quality machinery and having efficient operation, when you are concerned about the high cost of maintenance, then one or more of the OK series machines are right for you. These models are air operated with time regulation from 0 to 60 seconds, temperature to 550°F and pressure to 100 psi.

All models are provided with a heavy-duty fame design that enables very accurate regulation, which gives uniform pressure over the entire surface area.

This multi-purpose machine enlarges the possibilities of application with excellent results.

To allow good working rhythm a reciprocating tray is employed, permitting a loading and unloading operation while the other tray is fusing.

This design provides the lowest maintenance machine on the market.

Practix Mfg. Is capable of providing custom design machines or we can modify a standard to meet your needs. The unusual is our standard. Working surface can be to your specifications.


OK-04 OK-08 OK-12
Working Surface (in) 30″ x 48″ 30″ x 48″ 30″ x 48″
Force PSI at 100 PSI(lb) 4 lb 8 lb 12 lb
Consumption of air 100 PSI .25 cf .5 cf .75 cf
Maximum Temperature 550°F 550°F 550°F
Electrical Supply 30/240V 30/240V 30/240V
Electrical Consumption 12 kW 12 kW 12kW
Height 48″ 48″ 48″
Width 65″ 65″ 65″
Length 84″ 84″ 84″
Weight 1,250 lb 1,500 lb 1,750 lb